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Bath salts that encourage self care

Bath culture has been around for ages but society has changed. People are busier than ever and feel pressure to  have, to do, and to be it all. We rarely take time to care for ourselves. After feeling this during a pandemic, Hillary and Candace came to us wanting to start a self-care brand that encourages you to take time for yourself without feeling pressure or guilt.

There are so many facets to self-care so the market is ultimately saturated. Many brands push an agenda/promise of improvement of oneself. We chose to eliminate that notion and advocate for taking the time for self-care without any strings attached. Although we understand there are benefits to self-care, we didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously, taking a more relaxed and fun approach to indulge in this activity.

TNKR came up with the name "Wavvy" to reflect a playful way to experience bathing culture and me-time. Wavvy aims to celebrate and uplift the relationships we have with our baths in order to create a collective experience around this simple, yet powerful ritual. That being said, we wanted to lighten the mood and relax while pushing the fun factor.

Choosing to launch Wavvy with bath soaks, each SKU illustrates a place for ones’ self to just be that is inspired by it's scent's ingredients. It aims to lift you away from your day-to-day life and transport you to a new, dreamy world.

“TNKR offers tremendous expertise in the CPG space, bringing us considerations for our brand and packaging that we wouldn't have considered otherwise. Through a considerate and thorough exploration process, they brought our ideas to life better than we could have imagined and were a truly indispensable partner!! We recommend them highly for your branding and marketing needs

Hillary Reeves – Co-founder of Wavvy

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