Target Earth Day

Target Social Media

Strategy, Social Media, Content Creation, Styling

“Expect More. Pay Less.” That’s what Target is all about. And it’s also where shoppers know they’ll find good design absolutely everywhere, from the store decor to the clothing and household items to the full array of private label products. Target’s design is consistently clever, engaging, and smart.

So when it came to creating their social media content, the bar was high and the opportunities were exciting. Working with the team at Target, we decided to make all of the brand’s social platforms an environment “Where products come to play.” And we committed to keeping the innovation and entertainment quotients high.

Selecting items from the entire store, we art directed playful, thumb-stopping content that was seasonally relevant and worthy of sharing and engagement. These examples, of a masher-wary Mr. Potato Head on Thanksgiving and monstrous candy craving on Halloween, are just two of many evocative scenarios we created over the years. Today, Target has become known for its award-winning social content and has accumulated over four million followers.

Smashed Mr Potato
Haloween Hangover
Happy Earth Day
Summer Sprinkles
Motivational Monday
Hot Dog Skeleton
Broom Haloween