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Spaceteam is a game where players work at warp speed to try to repair their malfunctioning spaceship. Originally, it was only available on mobile devices, where it gained a cult-like following of millions of players.

TNKR was given the challenge of transforming this beloved online game into an analog version. We worked with game creators Timber & Bolt and Spaceteam’s originator, Henry Smith, to design and illustrate a tabletop card game. Our goal was to create an experience as fun, exciting, and lively as the original.

To keep the pace as quick as the mobile version, we made sure all the visual cues on the cards were easy to identify. We used simple geometric illustrations with bright pops of color to quickly convey tool categories, and we placed category icons in the traditional positions of 52-card decks to facilitate cognitive sorting.

The game—one main deck with two expansion sets—launched with great success on Kickstarter. Spaceteam was funded on the first day and exceeded its funding goal by $172,625. In the end, 4,222 backers pledged $181,625 to help bring this project to life.

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“Spaceteam the card game is gorgeous with fantastic graphic design elements that put the original phone game to shame.”

Lauren Orsini

Senior Contributor of Forbes

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