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Radio Roasters

Strategy, Branding, Package Design

Chip Grabow came to TNKR to brand and package his small-batch, single-origin coffee roastery based in Decatur, Georgia. Chip has a background in the radio broadcasting industry, and he wanted to pair his passion for radio with his love of coffee.

We leaned into the Golden Age of Radio for the brand’s design inspiration. Radio Roasters’ identity, packaging, and color palette all reflect the form and geometry of small mid-century radios. We knew the packaging would be produced in small runs, so we branded craft bags for an earthy feel and created letterpressed and stamped labels for the individual varieties.

We identified a concept that can apply to both the worlds of radio and specialty coffee roasting—high fidelity—and embellished each bag with “hi/fi.” Every label explains the origin and flavor profile of the coffee within, reinforcing its premium quality.

Today, the Radio Roasters brand has gained positive recognition from the Specialty Coffee Association Design Showcase, the Dieline, and countless coffee lovers.

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