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Kyle Cooke is an entrepreneur and star of Bravo TV’s Summer House. He’s a bold character and risk taker, full of energy and ideas. For this venture, he wanted to create a sparkling hard tea that would complement his boisterous yet health-conscious lifestyle—with zero sugars, low calories, and all-natural ingredients.

We wanted to give his unique drink the personality of the Summer House ideal—a playful, flirty, and easygoing party vibe. We came up with the name “Loverboy” and gave the cans the type of palette and pattern you’d see on an over-the-top party shirt.

Each Loverboy variety features its own colorway and pattern that reflects its flavors and ingredients. The labeling leads with the dominant flavor followed by a “kissed with” secondary flavor to reinforce the fun and cheeky attitude. From the design to the descriptions to the drink inside, everything about this brand brings its mantra to life: “Good Times, No Regrets.”

Loverboy logo
Loverboy Peach
Loverboy Black Tea Ginger

“Working with TNKR was not only a highly professional experience, but the results and flexibility exceeded what we expected.”

Kyle Cooke

Founder of Loverboy

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Loverboy Black Tea Ginger
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