Chili's Final Rose

Chilis Molten Lava Cake

Social Media, Content Creation, Styling

One of the best known and most beloved menu items at Chili’s is the Molten Lava Cake. This distinctive dessert is a small chocolate cake filled with a molten chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate shell. We knew it would make the perfect star of an ongoing social media campaign.

We collaborated with Fact and Fiction to create a memorably playful series. Posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter showcased the iconic dessert in a variety of scenarios that were perfectly on point in terms of pop culture, current trends, and the time of year. One scene highlighted the finale of The Bachelorette; another, the kickoff of football season. Each tableau evoked a smile and helped position the Molten Lava Cake (and Chili’s) as fun and culturally relevant.

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