Nuume Organics

Strategy, Branding, Package Design

Full spectrum CBD oil

Nuume is a CBD brand that offers transformative properties in both ingestible and topical formats. NuuMe's founder, Dexter, takes pride in his farming practices and product quality. In fact, he owns the first USDA-certified organic hemp farm that follows regenerative practices. Additionally, he developed a proprietary cold extraction process that captures all of the plant's active ingredients. NuuMe approached TNKR for a rebrand with a new name, and Dexter wanted the branding to reflect the high quality of this full-spectrum product.

To match the product's purity, we focused on a minimal design that incorporated a logo that speaks to NuuMe’s balance, its transformative nature, and empowerment. The color palette was chosen to reflect the full-spectrum nature of the product. Each outer container features a pop of color and the message "shine on" to reinforce the brand's optimistic outlook and the healing properties of the product.

“The quality of the brand identity they created, from logo to packaging and even product photography is second to none. If you're on the fence about hiring TNKR, don't be, Sergey and Sandi are the team you need. They know how to make your brand and ideas shine bright.”

Olivier Magny– NuuMe Organics

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