Strategy, Branding, Package Design

Whole grain snacks with a mediterranean flair.

Medbar’s goal was to introduce Mediterranean culture and ingredients to the US through a nutritious ancient grain bar that comes in sweet and savory flavor varieties - a unique offering in the current bar category. To reflect this uniqueness, the design was of utmost importance.

TNKR drew inspiration from the architecture and tiles of various Mediterranean countries and created intricate patterns that were set in gold foil, adding a premium touch. Each flavor is adorned with a delicate gold pattern and bold colors that echo the vibrant hues found in the bustling marketplaces of the Mediterranean. The designs aim to evoke a sense of authenticity and uniqueness, representing a genuine Mediterranean market product that stands out in the American market.

“More than creative designers, Sandi and Sergey positioned themselves as our brand partners from the get go, while timely delivering on all the commitments.”

Aziz Azarifi – Founder of Medbar

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