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Banking for all

LVL was fed up with the limitations of traditional financial institutions and systems, and were determined to revolutionize the banking industry. That's why they turned to TNKR to help brand the first currency-inclusive bank.

LVL's mission is to empower customers' financial freedom and create opportunities for everyone through an integrated banking system that's tailored to our modern lifestyle. They aimed to transform the banking experience by seamlessly bridging bitcoin and USD, allowing customers to easily switch between currencies within a single account.

After defining LVL’s strategy and opportunity space, TNKR focused on how to effectively communicate LVL's mission. TNKR developed a clear tone of voice and visual messaging strategy that reinforced the revolutionary nature of the brand. Bold visuals that challenged the status quo of traditional banking institutions further emphasized LVL's commitment to innovation. By prioritizing customer education and highlighting LVL's progressive features, TNKR's communication approach helped position LVL as a leader in the new frontier of digital currencies, where customers can seamlessly spend and save with both bitcoin and USD.

“TNKR is a world-class brand and design studio that dramatically improved our branding consistent with our pre-existing identity. TNKR's commitment to process brought structure to our process of working together while elevating and accentuating our own values.”

Chris Slaughter – Co-Founder and CEO, LVL

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